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Holly aims to make a difference with info-graphics
Holly Simons is a graphic designer from the UK who is absolutely passionate about using design to make a difference in the world. Please visit www.hollysimons.com to view more of her work or to get in touch regarding a project. You can also follow Holly and her work here: www.hollysimons.blogspot.com
BHS 2016 Safety Award goes to....US!
Horses & Road Safety Awareness’ very own Sue Russell was invited to London for the British Horse Society Awards and was delighted to pick up the 2016 Safety Award for her work towards safety through HRSA. Everyone on the team is completely delighted and hope she enjoyed hob knobbing with Royals and Stars! We also want to thank the BHS for recognising the work Sue and the rest of the lovely HRSA team (Wendy, Hayley and Viv) do.
Archers Equestrian reveal a wonderful safety design
We're so impressed with Archers Equestrian Tack Shop's range of hi viz and reflective wear, which include soft shell jackets and jodhpurs, we've teamed up with them! The innovative design and material make this the latest in hi-viz fashion and we hope it encourages even more people to be visible on the roads and bridle ways. To view the range visit the website here: www.archerssignsandgraphics.com/slow-down-shell-jackets
New invention aims to tackle distraction at the wheel   Mobile Phone Driving Distraction Invention to prevent mobile phone temptation  A new product called ‘Phonesafe’ - described as a 'universal in-car phone case' – has plans to be developed in an effort to prevent driver distraction caused by mobile phones. The 'PHONESAFE' case is under design by a company called ‘DRIVE PHONESAFE’ and differs from a conventional phone case by being able to 'lock' - making a phone's contents both physically and visually inaccessible for those whilst driving.  To unlock the Phonesafe case requires drivers to pull over in a safe place, switch vehicle ignition off and remove their seat belt. Drivers may then insert the buckle of their seat belt in to the side of the Phonesafe case to unlock and gain safe access to their phone. Despite being compact in design, the Phonesafe case is large enough to accommodate all mobile phones - including an outer protective case. The case enables the charging of the phones battery through the various charging ports. Although 'strongly discouraged', vehicles equipped with Bluetooth hands-free technology may still be used to communicate with the enclosed mobile phone.  DRIVEPHONESAFE founder Brett Cattlin met with his local Birmingham MP Jess Phillips some weeks ago to discuss the ongoing problem of mobile phone driving distraction and the options of how she could assist in supporting his invention the 'PHONESAFE' concept in going forward. The outcome of which he says “was very positive and as such, Jess has kindly agreed to provide support with the concept going forward. Jess has also agreed to personally endorse the PHONESAFE product when developed".   Horses & Road Safety Awareness has now joined in supporting the PHONESAFE concept in going forward and together both organisations will strive towards generating and promoting distracted driving awareness.   To learn more about the DRIVE PHONESAFE concept, invention and vision, please visit: https://www.drivephonesafe.com/phonesafe