Cambox horse Isi3 - Helmet camera review
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Review of Cambox Horse Isi3 - By Hayley Stokes *Disclaimer - I am writing this review on my own behalf, for Horses & Road Safety Awareness. HRSA are in no way connected to or endorsed by Cambox, this is a personal review. I was very excited to get the FedEx parcel in the post! When i opened it and took out my item I was immediately happy with the look of the box – it may seem trivial to some but the packaging reminded me of an iPad or similar, giving the sense of a more expensive purchase than say a plastic box may have. It also functions as quite a nice semi-hard case that you can use for storage when you are not using the Camera. Included in the box is: 1 Cambox Isi3 1 microSD memory card & SD adapter Velcro fastner Microfibre cloth 1 USB 2.0 charger chord 1 USB  microSD card reader User manual On opening the box you immediately see your new camera. I took it out to find out how heavy it was, and honestly I could barely feel any weight. The site says it is 40g, so really light! The next thing I did was to manipulate the “arms” to find out their flexibility. Based on the camera being the correct orientation, there is a large flexion for the arms to go upwards, less so for the downward motion but still very flexible, and more than enough flexibility to suit an array of hats/helmets. The only note I would have on this (as I found out) is that you must ensure your camera is level on your helmet and directly in the centre of the peak before securing it with the arms as it can skew due to the flexibility, but once secured it will not move. Further exploring the camera, the blue bit (available in blue or black) it boasts a 5-30 degree change of angle. When placed on my helmet at it 5 I could just see the tip of my peak, putting it to 30 I was nearly looking at my hands so the range is fabulous. But how would you know what angle is best before you waste time recording the sky? Read on to find out! More on the camera body. There is a small plastic tab on the left hand side (can be seen in the picture on the left) which has the ON/OFF button and the Wi-Fi button which I’ll talk about later and under the tab there is a small port for the micro SD memory card, which is included in the package. Mine is 16GB but 32GB and 64GB are available. Beside this are the reset button, the charger port and lastly the Wi-Fi button. The only thing about this I don’t like is the plastic tab could easily be ripped off, and in that case the buttons would be quite hard if not impossible to press with a finger. If you don’t press the tab in well enough it does flap about. I found the best way to keep it in was to run my finger from the side closest to the camera along to the end, not just press in the end or run my finger the opposite way. Finally I opened the rest of the box and was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two tangible methods of getting my footage onto a computer. There is a SD card adaptor which you slot the microSD card into and then you put it straight into your computer/laptop or any other device, and there is also a USB adaptor which again you just slot the microSD card into and then into a device that accepts USBs. There is a little string on the USB so you can attach it to your keys and always have a way to upload footage without necessarily being at home or needing any wires. There is then a third option – the Wifi which links directly to your smart phone!  Simply down load the app, follow the instructions in the manual and voila! This is also the way you can see the angle your camera is at, you can connect your camera to your phone anywhere and the image will come up on your phone.  If you follow the instructions it is really simple to do. When you get it on the desired device, it’s simple and easy to open. I really liked these features, they are easy and you don’t have to go hunting for files and waiting for downloads, you also technically don’t even need a computer if you opt for the wifi/smartphone option. Huge thumbs up for this. Fast forward now to the instructions, which are simple and easy to follow, I finally turned on the Cambox Isi3. Note: it vibrates quite vigorously so you may want to do this beside your horse a few times before you actually ride/drive and turn on your camera. It’s quite simple, hold the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds and you’ll get two vibrate pulses so you know your camera is on and it will automatically start recording in full 1080P HD. To turn off, hold the button for 3 seconds and you will have a continuous vibrate. You can also pause recording by holding the button for 1 second and it will vibrate once. Press again, and it vibrates twice to let you know it is again recording in full HD. There is an option to lower the HD to 720p by pressing the Wi-Fi button for 2 seconds. The camera can also record whilst it is being charged by an external battery or plugged in. Great for longer journeys or if you are using it to film something else! The battery length is approx 85mins with 2 hours needed to recharge. Next, I applied the velcro fastener it to my helmet which is a velvet one. The fastener stuck really easily and has stayed fast. Be sure you are 100% sure it’s in the right place before you press it down, because it won’t easily come off!  I attached my Cambox to this, and again it really stuck well but is also easily taken off for when you need to remove the camera. When I put my helmet on, I can see the camera in my peripheral vision but honestly after a few seconds I forgot about it and was not disturbed by it at all. It doesn’t create any blind spots or move around if applied correctly. One note is that the battery can heat up very slightly, so be sure to leave a small space between the camera and your skin. Of course the next step is to actually try it out, so i treid first with driving my miniature horse in an arena and on the road. I did not worry about the camera at all and I did not feel like I was wearing anything. When I uploaded the footage to my computer I was really happy with the quality both in an arena and on the road. The sound quality was amazing too and I could hear everything I was hearing in real life and also when slowing the video I was able to pick out registration numbers on cars. I also used it to do a ridden lesson in an indoor arena, plus outside in a field. The quality for both was amazing – there was no change in the quality from being indoors to outdoors. I’ve got much more footage to get and ill include it as i go! Overall I have been very impressed with the Cambox Isi3. It is simple to use, easy to attach/detatch and technically user friendly to upload the video! I would definitely give it 9/10. If you want to try it for yourself it is available to buy now -