Every day you wake up you run the risk of an accident; it's about exercising due care and attention whilst negotiating the risks. Horses & Road Safety Awareness Facebook group was set up in 2010 after the founder witnessed a near miss involving farm animals and a car. This brought back memories of an accident she was involved in with a friend, whose horse ended up on a car bonnet after it spooked. She believed people needed to be more aware of horses and indeed farm animals on the roads, that they were increasingly being ridiculed and their safety ignored. Thus HRSA was formed as a small group with only a few friends on it. The founder would post small warnings for riders and drivers including how to pass a horse, the importance of riding in good conditions and riding in a safe manner. In 2012 Nicola Allen came across HRSA when a family members horse Ruby was almost severed in half by a driver and trailer. She had to be put to sleep on the road side. Due to the hugely emotive subject, many more people joined HRSA and it has since gotten bigger and bigger with over 22,000 members, 16 thousand likes on the page and a BHS award! HRSA is run by a small group of volunteers who all help to maintain the Facebook group/page and website. It is not for profit.
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