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Campaigns advising drivers of the speed and distance they should pass a horse have been launched by the BHS and HRSA. BHS statistics suggest that over 2000 incidents have been recorded in the five years that the BHS horse accidents website was launched, most of these were due to cars passing TOO CLOSE to the horses.
36 horse riders have died | 181 horses have died
HRSA introduces Mary & Flo!
Mary & Flo, illustrated by Wendy Avery are the latest HRSA campaign. The series of short videos aim to provide fast information to drivers about what horse riders are trying to tell them when they are on the road. Animation by DeeFee Productions.
Student Megan Walsh creates safety posters
HRSA are delighted to have been able to work with student Megan Walsh to add to her portfolio for third year Graphic Communication and Illustration by providing her a brief, creative critic and a final approval write up. We’re very happy with her work and wish her all the best in her studies. This is a message from Megan about her work: My name is Megan Walsh, I am a third year Graphic Communication and Illustration student at Loughborough University. I have created these pieces of work for my final end of year hand in. My inspiration for this project was the fact that I actually lost a horse in a road traffic collision in Feb 2015, due to a careless driver. The image of the black car is the actual vehicle that hit and killed my horse. The driver had a lucky escape with just whiplash which is amazing considering the damage caused. I really wanted to create these pieces as I believe there is just not enough effective promotional material for road safety regarding horses and riders. I found the driver that actually hit and killed my horse to have a total lack of sympathy and remorse. Which shows the uneducated ignorance that many drivers hold towards horses and riders. The posters will be featuring on our Facebook pages over the coming weeks.
Holly aims to make a difference with info-graphics
Holly Simons is a graphic designer from the UK who is absolutely passionate about using design to make a difference in the world. Please visit www.hollysimons.com to view more of her work or to get in touch regarding a project. You can also follow Holly and her work here: www.hollysimons.blogspot.com